Sectional Anatomy Quiz–IΧ

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Rural Medical School, University of New South Wales (UNSW), Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia


This series lists a pictorial quiz pertaining to identification of normal and abnormal anatomical structures and landmarks at a given level on computed tomography (CT). Readers are expected to identify and appreciate the changes from normal anatomy and variations of a given pathology. The main structures assessed in this quiz are the pons, ventricular system of the brain, and the basal cisterns. Particular emphasis is placed on the presentations of intra-cranial haemorrhages, particularly sub-arachnoid and epidural haemorrhages, and masses around the region of the pons, midbrain and cerebellum. There is also a question pertaining to increased intracranial pressure. Differential diagnoses are also given where necessary to guide clinical practice and further learning. A Points to remember section details key clinical pearls. Furthermore, key resources have been cited as recommendations for further reading. It is anticipated that this series will enhance the understanding of sectional anatomy of the brain to aid in brain CT interpretation.


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