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 Asia Oceania Journal of Nuclear Medicine & Biology is the official journal of Asia Oceania Federation of Nuclear Medicine & Biology which is sponsored by Nuclear Medicine Research Center of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences. This peer reviewed  free  journal covers all aspect of nuclear medicine including clinical, preclinical, radiopharmacy and medical physics and has no processing or publishing costs. 

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Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, Winter and Spring 2021, Pages 1-85 

1. RetroSPECT: Gallium-67 as a Long-Lived Imaging Agent for Theranostics

Pages 1-8


Dale L Bailey; Dhanusha Sabanathan; Alireza Aslani; Douglas H Campbell; Bradley Walsh; Nigel A Lengkeek

2. Sentinel lymph node biopsy for papillary thyroid cancer: the effect of dose, tracer and application of massage

Pages 9-14


Abbas Alibakhshi; Saeed Farzanehfar; Mahya Zarei; Mohammad Eftekhari; Maziar Motiee; Maryam Naseri; Mehrshad Abbasi

4. 18F-THK 5351 and 11C-PiB PET of the Thai normal brain template

Pages 21-30


Chanisa Chotipanich; Supaporn Kongthai; Anchisa Kunawudhi; Chetsadaporn Promteangtrong; Attapon Jantarato

7. Incremental Value of FDG PET/CT in Aggressive High Grade B Cell lymphoma with TdT Expression

Pages 45-50


NIKITA SAMPATHIRAO; Indirani M Muthukrishnan; Ann Kurian; Jaykanth Amalchandran; Asra Patel; shema mathew; Shelley Simon

8. Incidentally Detected Celiac Disease with Splenomegaly on 18F FDG PET/CT: A Potential Lymphoma Mimic

Pages 51-55


Ananya Panda; Michael R. McCarthy; Joseph A Murray; Rosalind F. Sharain; Min Shi; Ayse Kendi

10. Potential role of 18F-FDG PET/CT in a case of progressive Rosai Dorfman disease

Pages 62-66


Armaghan Fard-Esfahani; Bahare Saidi; Sara Seyedinia; Alireza Emami Ardekani; Mohammad Eftekhari

12. A case of cardiac amyloidosis incidentally detected by bone scintigraphy

Pages 71-75


Hiroki Tanaka; Makoto Hosono; Mitsunori Kanagaki; Marina Shimizu; Naoko Matsubara; Kazuna Kawabata; Tadashi Miyamoto; Kazumi Itoi

13. Unusual presentation of lumbar chordoma on bone scintigraphy in a young patient

Pages 76-79


Yasaman Fakhar; Golnaz Gholami; Zahra Bakhshi golestani; Ramin Sadeghi; Vahidreza Dabbagh Kakhki