Assessment of awareness and knowledge regarding nuclear medicine and appropriate use of Nuclear medicine modalities, among medical students and faculty members in two academic medical institutes in North India: A Cross sectional Study

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1 Department of Nuclear medicine, Dr Rajendra Prasad Government medical college, Kangra at Tanda Himachal Pradesh, India

2 Department of Repertory, Homeopathic medical college, Chandigarh, India

3 Department of ENT/oto laryngology Dr Rajendra Prasad Government medical college, Kangra at Tanda Himachal Pradesh, India

4 Department of radiation Oncology, All India institute of medical sciences, Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, India


Objective(s): Despite significant progress in the field of nuclear medicine, basic nuclear medicine awareness and understanding among clinicians remains unsatisfactory, leading to under utilization of nuclear medicine modalities. To evaluate the awareness and knowledge regarding nuclear medicine and appropriate use of Nuclear medicine modalities, among medical students and faculty members.
Method: In this descriptive cross sectional study, a self timer limited objective questionnaire based on Google forms was distributed to the study population and scores obtained by the participants were analyzed.
Results: Percent scores range for intern, residency trainees, and senior resident/faculty groups for general awareness were 16-46%, 37-58% and 62-91% and for knowledge and appropriate use were 7-21%, 28-43%, and 35-85% respectively. Overall, 61% of the participants had poor awareness and knowledge regarding nuclear medicine modalities. None of the participants had received nuclear medicine exposure or education during their academics or training. Only 49% of the participants considered utilizing nuclear medicine modalities for their patient management.
Conclusion: Undergraduate interns and residency trainees had a poor to fair level of awareness and knowledge regarding nuclear medicine. Hence creating more awareness in early stages of their career by incorporating Nuclear medicine basic education in medical undergraduate curriculum is required. The senior residents/faculty members had a moderate to good level of awareness and knowledge but still improvement in their knowledge would lead to a more appropriate and better utilization of nuclear medicine modalities for optimum patient management in a variety of clinical settings.


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