Synthesis, Radioiodination and Biodistribution Evaluation of 5-(2-amimo-4-styryl pyrimidine-4-yl)-4-methoxybenzofuran-6-ol

Document Type : Original Article


Inshas Cyclotron Facility, Nuclear Research Center, Atomic Energy Authority, Cairo 13759, Egypt.


This study describes the organic synthesis of 5-(2-amimo-4-styryl pyrimidine-4-yl)-4-methoxy benzofuran-6-ol (SPBF) as an example of a benzofuran derivative used as a new series of amyloid imaging agents. These benzofuran derivatives may be useful amyloid imaging agents for detecting B-amyloid plagues in the brain of Alzheimer’s disease. The precursor is 1-[6-hydroxy-4-methoxybenzofuran-5-yl]-phenyl butadiene ketone, which react with guanidine hydrochloride. The purification process was done via crystallization using solvent ethanol. The overall yield was 75% and the structure of the synthesized compound was confirmed by correct analytical and spectral data. Also, The synthesized compound was labeled with radioactive iodine -125 via electrophilic substitution reaction, in the presence of iodogen as an oxidizing agent, the labeling process was carried out at 95oC for 20min. The radiochemical yield was determined by using a thin layer chromatography and the yield was equal to 80%. Preliminary an in-vivo study examined normal mice after intravenous injection through the tail vein and the data showed the labeling compound was quickly cleared from most body organs. The radioiodinated compound showed high brain uptake.The results of this study suggest that radioiodinated (SPBF) may be useful as a brain imaging agents.


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