Rapid predictive dosimetry for radioembolization

Document Type : Technical note


Department of Nuclear Medicine, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria, Australia


Economics of today’s busy clinical practice demand both time and cost-efficient methods of predictive dosimetry for liver radioembolisation. A rapid predictive schema adapted from the Medical Internal Radiation Dose (MIRD) method i.e., Partition Model, has been devised that can be completed within minutes. This rapid schema may guide institutions that do not have access to software capable of comprehensive auto-segmentation of lung, tumour and non-tumorous liver, or where rigorous artery-specific tomographic predictive dosimetry is unfeasible for the routine clinical workflow. This rapid schema is applicable to any beta-emitting radiomicrosphere, although absorbed dose-response thresholds will differ according to device. Sampling errors in lung, tumour and non-tumorous liver will compound and propagate throughout this schema. This rapid schema achieves efficiency in lieu of accuracy. The user must be mindful of potentially large sampling errors and assumes all responsibility. Any suspicion of significant error requires the user to revert back to standard-of-care methods.


Main Subjects

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